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How to add an outdoor pond
Pair a beautifully painted exterior with great landscaping and your home will be transformed. One popular idea is to add a water feature. My favorite is a simple pond lined with gorgeous plants and flowers.

In this post I will explain how to create your own outdoor pond with a rigid liner in 4 simple steps.

1) In a reasonably flat area, remove all grass and other plants. Press the liner into the soil to make an impression. Then pour flour or sand, or use spray paint, to mark the outline. Note that some areas will need to be dug deeper than others.

2) Dig the hole an inch or two deeper and wider than the liner. Test fit the liner, and check its rim for level in all directions; you will probably need to do this several times. Pour in sand to support the liner so its rim is at grade level, and set the liner into the hole. You may choose to set in the submersible pump (with either a fountain or hose for a waterfall) at this point or wait until after it is filled with water.

3) Once the shell is level and feels firm, slowly fill it with water. Add a 50/50 mixture of sand and soil around the perimeter. Use a 1-by-2 or other small board to tamp the sand and soil firmly as you go. Fill to nearly the top of the shell and then force sand and soil under the lip to support it.

4) Set flagstones around the edge of the liner, to hide its rim. Set the stones in a sand/soil mixture so they are about 1/4 inch above the rim and barely hanging over the water. Plug the cord in. You may need to cut the fountain’s pipe to the right height, or run a hose to the top of a waterfall or stream. Cover hoses and cords with soil or mulch.

There ya go! Now all you need to do is add the plants and flowers. Have fun creating this mini sanctuary that adds beauty, style, and zen to your home.